A picture of Noah Molteberg Lundén.

Noah Molteberg Lundén

Hey! If you clicked on this page, I assume you want to know more about me and my skills, so that is what I will deliver.

About Me

I have always been a curious person who loves technology, I was born in the year 2000, and ever since I first held a videogame controller in my hands, I have loved pressing buttons to see what I could accomplish on the screen. It is perhaps this fascination that has led me to the computer nerd I am today.

I studied tech in high school, more precisely “informations och mediateknik”, which focuses on computer programming and media creation, and in 2021 I became a “Certified Upper secondary school engineer” or a “Gymnasieingenjör” as we call it in Swedish. This certification means I took one extra year to work practically with the things I’ve learned.

During my time studying to become a Certified Upper secondary school engineer, I had two internships, At Karlstads Kommun, me and two other students worked on a prototype. The interactive prototype showed how the companies owned by Karlstad could come together under one website, instead of having multiple different sites with separate login-credentials. My other internship was at The Great Journey where I started making the storymode for my game Blind Survival, which I later pitched at the “Great Summer Pitch” event, I came second place which earned me some funding for the game.

I had to start a company to obtain the funding from the event, so I did just that. It felt like I learned an entire economics course from all the paperwork, it was definitely more time and energy consuming then I imagined. At least I learned a lot about taxes, accounting and so on along the way!

I have been visually impaired since birth, this naturally makes some things very challenging for me, however it does not stop me from excelling in the things I am good at, and it sometimes even comes with benefits:

Earlier I mentioned how I have played videogames since I was very young, even though I am visually impaired. For example, I started memorizing things in the games to compensate for how I could not magnify text in games back then. This means my memory is usually very good and I can keep track of many things at once. In some other games I have had to use unique strategies to compensate for my lack of vision, like in shooting games I lured the opponents into small spaces where I could more easily shoot them without aiming much. This has taught me to adapt to many different situations and apply that skill in real life.

The visual impairment has also led me to many situations where I had to use problem solving so that I can get it easier in life, this is of course very unfortunate that many times people do not think of how to make life easier for those with disabilities, however it has taught me a lot about troubleshooting and coming up with creative solutions for unusual problems.

My Best Skills


In the project list you can see some of the things I have programmed (since a showcase of my skill is worth more than a thousand words). My main language is C#, however I have done my fair share of HTML/CSS/JS (This website is coded from scratch by myself) and I have tried and experienced many other languages like Java, PHP, Python, batch and more!

Administration & Responsibility

During my internship at The Great Journey, I worked mostly on my own, following a schedule I planned out for myself, and I was able to achieve the goals I had in mind with the limited time I had. This was during the covid-19 pandemic, and it worked out great even though I was working remotely from home. This has also been the case for the continued development of Blind Survival.

Video Creation

I like making videos, both scripting, editing and recording them. I’ve done quite a few videos related to Blind Survival, you can see these in the gallery. However, I also have a personal youtube channel where I make videos mostly on the game Genshin Impact, it’s through these videos I’ve gradually become better and more efficient at video editing. Some of these videos almost have 10k views, you can see them at the youtube channel Zyfiel

Connecting People

I am a person who enjoys connecting and coordinating people, and those people say that I am good at it. I have arranged a Super Smash bros Tournament, (and a few of the participants lived pretty far away), and I regularly make people come together to do multiplayer gaming for events in games, even if it goes over different time zones. I try not to leave anybody behind so that everybody can share the rewards and become strong together.


I can fluently speak with English speakers and enjoy talking to people from other countries/cultures. I have friends from London, USA, Germany, Denmark and India.

Resource Management

People tell me I am good at analysing a situation to know where resources should be allocated to achieve the best result, both in my own projects as well as group projects.


I completed two more math courses in high school than the necessary ones, so I would say I am pretty interested in math and I like to help my friends in my free time if they struggle in their math classes.


I wouldn’t call myself a “voice actor” but I have gotten better at it when working on Blind Survival and my personal youtube channel.

My Projects

Blind Survival logo

Blind Survival

A zombie adventure game designed for blind people. If you want to know more about this game, I strongly recommend the gallery page and the start page of this website! This website should probably also be a project in its own on this list, considering how much time I have spent building and designing it from the ground up.

A screenshot from Morphing Ball

Morphing Ball

This is a puzzle platformer that me and a few classmates are working on. I am the main programmer and level designer. It is structured like a simple platformer. The game’s unique mechanic is that you can change the players material which leads to many interesting puzzles and challenges. Together with this mechanic and a grappling hook there is no such thing as a “right way” to complete a level.

Lost & Blind Image

Lost & Blind

The project that started Blind Survival. This was my graduation project for high school: my goal was to create a game where a blind person could explore a three-dimensional world. It got tested by many students and teachers at the school, and it is a lot of their feedback on this little project that led to the creation of Blind Survival and its mechanics. The game is only available in Swedish and its very rough around the edges and hard to complete, but it is here for download for those curious of how blind survival started and how much I have grown.